The operatives of the first private eye agency on Mars are linked telepathically, which saves them from a threat to destroy civilization throughout the Inner Planets. Together, they are driven to expose the truth, even if it means shattering lives and ending careers.  But when they start hearing strange unwanted voices in their heads, they soon are on the brink of an unimaginable decision that will lead to hell on Mars and beyond.

“Action abounds in this new futuristic hardboiled interplanetary series. Class warfare, politics, corruption, sex, and violence all combine for a page-turning read.”  –Richard Helms, Thriller and Derringer Award winning author of Older Than Goodbye


“Tripleye is a highly entertaining mashup of the private eye and science fiction genres that takes the reader on a slam-bang ride from the sands of Mars to the depths of space.” –Andrew MacRae, editor of Darkhouse Books

“John Hegenberger’s imagination knows no bounds. And his skill at creating memorable characters and then propelling them through a plot full of complex twists and turns will keep readers flipping the pages of his latest sci-fi thriller at warp speed! Highly entertaining!”    –Wayne D. Dundee, award-winning author of the Joe Hannibal PI series

“I am sure, if you allow yourself to become involved in Tripleye, you will find what I found. A story written with a wry wit, craft, intelligence and humor.” –Jim Christina, author and host of The Writer’s Block

“A superb SF tale, part space opera, part hardboiled mystery, filled with excitement, humanity and action… a joy to read!” – Mark (James Axler) Ellis, creator of the Outlanders series