The race is on to find the cure for a bloody disease targeting women of color. But a hidden side-effect of the Black Sea Virus might kill us all. Time to call in the 21st Century Robin Hoods to locate, assemble and decode The Pandora Block.

“The Pandora Block opens with the world engulfed in a deadly pandemic.  Jonathan Boyd reaches out to a team of reluctant colleagues in the search for an ancient puzzle/relic that might hold the key to the cure. From Capetown to Columbia, Busan to Paris, LA to St. Croix, John Hegenberger takes readers on a globe-trotting ride that is part action/adventure, part spy thriller, and part theft caper. Meticulously researched, the book combines the best elements of Clive Cussler and Ian Fleming, with a dash of Dan Brown and Michael Crichton. A fascinating story.”  — Baron R. Birtcher, award-winning author of Rain Dogs and South California Purples



The operatives of the first private eye agency on Mars are linked telepathically, which saves them from a threat to destroy civilization throughout the Inner Planets. Together, they are driven to expose the truth, even if it means shattering lives and ending careers.  But when they start hearing strange unwanted voices in their heads, they soon are on the brink of an unimaginable decision that will lead to hell on Mars and beyond.

“Action abounds in this new futuristic hardboiled interplanetary series. Class warfare, politics, corruption, sex, and violence all combine for a page-turning read.”  –Richard Helms, Thriller and Derringer Award winning author of Older Than Goodbye


“Tripleye is a highly entertaining mashup of the private eye and science fiction genres that takes the reader on a slam-bang ride from the sands of Mars to the depths of space.” –Andrew MacRae, editor of Darkhouse Books

“John Hegenberger’s imagination knows no bounds. And his skill at creating memorable characters and then propelling them through a plot full of complex twists and turns will keep readers flipping the pages of his latest sci-fi thriller at warp speed! Highly entertaining!”    –Wayne D. Dundee, award-winning author of the Joe Hannibal PI series

“I am sure, if you allow yourself to become involved in Tripleye, you will find what I found. A story written with a wry wit, craft, intelligence and humor.” –Jim Christina, author and host of The Writer’s Block

“A superb SF tale, part space opera, part hardboiled mystery, filled with excitement, humanity and action… a joy to read!” – Mark (James Axler) Ellis, creator of the Outlanders series

STORMFALL: The Newest (and Best?) Stan Wade, LA PI Novel

In October 1959, a young, hard-luck PI is lost in America, determined to untangle a series of grisly murders spreading like a disease from the set of The Alamo.  Fighting for his life from a dry desert storm, to a mind-bending fog in San Francisco, and a snow-blinding mountain top outside Hollywood, Stan Wade gropes his way through drug-induced, false trails to outwit an aggressive, obsessive mass killer.


SPYFALL wins 2016 Silver Falchion Award

KNwin shieldThe Killer Nashville Silver Falchion Award™ is committed to discovering new writers, as well as superlative books by established authors and, upon discovery, sharing those writers and their works with new readers.

The award for SPYFALL was announced at the 2016 Silver Falchion Award Ceremony on August 20, 2016 in Nashville, Tennessee.  The Audio edition of SPYFALL will be available in October.


SUPERFALL CoverIn June 1959, America’s TV superhero took a bullet to the head in an apparent suicide. But was it?  And is he really dead?  A Hollywood PI comes to grips with his ideals and a host of Mob and Soviet intrigue.

“In SUPERFALL John Hegenberger takes us on an irresistible, hard-boiled walk down memory lane, with P.I. Stan Wade as the perfect tour guide. From George Reeves to Lloyd Bridges to Ross Macdonald, this is a historical tour-de-force.”

–Robert J. Randisi, President of the Private Eye Writers of America

“Faster than a speeding bullet, John Hegenberger’s SUPERFALL sends you zipping through late 1950s Southern California on a supersonic ride. With the help of his kenpo-chopping girlfriend, a sub rosa Superman, the original TV frogman and a hardboiled writer, private eye Stan Wade battles the Reds, the mob and crazed Federal agents in a mid-century modern yarn. It’s clever, evocative and just plain fun.”

–Mark Coggins, award-winning author of the August Riordan series

“SUPERFALL gives us everything we need for a ripping adventure in 1950s Los Angeles: a wary private eye, a frustrated actor, gamblers, mobsters, Commies, and a labyrinth of twists and turns I never saw coming.”

–Martin Turnbull, author of the Garden of Allah novels

“SUPERFALL is a rollicking trip through 1950’s Hollywood where the Mickey Cohen still runs the Mob and the Ruskies are up to no good. If you like your hard-boiled fiction fast and sassy, you’ll love SUPERFALL.”
–Matt Coyle, author of the Anthony Award-winning Rick Cahill crime novels


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My First Western


BloodyWyomingA Hot Time in the Hell-Town.

All J.D. Blaze wanted to do was celebrate his wife Kate’s birthday, but when you’re the Old West’s only pair of husband-and-wife gunfighters, trouble is never far away. A savage attack and a dangerous injury not only threaten Kate Blaze’s life, she also finds herself a captive of twisted killers and unsure of her own identity. But J.D. will battle with his wits, a pair of rock-hard fists, and a blazing .45 to find Kate and free her before it’s too late!

Acclaimed author John Hegenberger joins the BLAZE! team with a scorching tale of hate and revenge that leads to an apocalyptic showdown. Read BLOODY WYOMING and see why BLAZE! is today’s bestselling Adult Western series.



A deadly showdown on frozen Ganymede . . . an experiment in time travel that has unexpected results . . . the dead being brought back to life—to sell insurance . . . a legendary villain seeking to summon a strange visitor from another planet . . .

These are only some of the ventures into the fantastic and bizarre to be found in ICESLINGER, the latest collection from acclaimed author John Hegenberger. These classic tales of science fiction and fantasy are filled with action, big ideas, humor, and drama. Step into the many worlds of John Hegenberger and prepare to be entertained!

Get it from Amazon.  ICESLINGER


SPADEFALL Hegenberger Web2It’s 1950, and Stan Wade, L.A. PI, is working on his first case: recovering the stolen manuscript of a new Sam Spade novel by Dashiell Hammett. This epic hunt will last for a decade, and before it’s over will involve Humphrey Bogart, Eleanor Roosevelt, Alfred Hitchcock, Mickey Cohen, Robert Bloch, stripper Candy Barr, and a sleazy nightclub owner named Jack Ruby. Will Stan survive to put all the pieces of this crazy-quilt case together?

It’s bullets, volcanoes, espionage, romance, humor, double-crosses, and pop culture references galore as Stan Wade races through another fast-moving, action-packed caper.