Eliot Cross

Cross Examination

Cross Examinations

Meet Eliot Cross, Columbus-based P.I. in 1988.

A series of serious crimes:  Kidnapping. Murder. Art Thief. Blackmail. Comic Books?

Rollicking noir stories from the heart of the Heartland.

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Tripl3 Cross

It’s 1988, and a small-town P.I. is searching for his long-lost father.  Then a CIA informant says Dad has been in deep cover for over twenty years.  Now, the informant’s been murdered and Eliot Cross is on the run.

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CROSSFIRE: The Scales of Justice

A vanishing corpse...a clout on the head...industrial espionage with millions of dollars at stake...an international conspiracy that threatens the 1988 Summer Olympics...These are just some of the problems private investigator Eliot Cross has to untangle.  A private eye yarn in the classic mold and a sure bet for entertainment.

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