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Mutiny on Outstation Zori

Mutiny on Outstation Zori is a fast-paced space opera/adventure featuring a group of mis-matched characters investigating a “terrorist group” who’ve stolen a dozen ultra-secret space skimmers. At least, that’s what it appears to be about 1n the beginning. In the end, the novel really deals with positive character growth and a belief in bravely facing the unknown against all adversity.

Tracking the thieves through space leads free-lance circuit-jockey Jamie Devon to discover his old buddy, Cast, now a member of a high-tech religious cult that has taken over the military Outstation Zori.

Before their conflict can be locked, they learn that the outstation is under an imminent retaliatory attack from the oppressive government’s military forces. But before that can happen, an evil empire of warrior aliens launches a surprise raid in response of the invasion of their “space.”

Ultimately, our heroes resolve their problems by employing a combination of pluck and daring–plus a surprise ally. The warrior aliens retreat, the military is dealt with, and the Outstation uses the space skimmers to journey into the Great Unknown.

The Last Martian Chronicles


The Last Martian Chronicles: From the cold, rocky surface of Mars to the vast reaches of deep space, from the dusty pages of the pulps to the cutting edge medical technology of the future, the stories in John Hegenberger’s THE LAST MARTIAN CHRONICLES span the frontiers of science fiction, fantasy, and horror. Unlikely friends try to survive the dangers of future war in “Keys to the Kingdom”. A bizarre fate befalls a famous author in the alternate history story “Howard’s Toe”. Sinister forces are on the prowl in “Dead Dames in Dayton”. Alien visitors come to Earth with surprising results in “Last Contact”. And two races face a poignant destiny in “The Last Martian”. These stories and others from popular author John Hegenberger are filled with imagination, ingenuity, and heart.

Iceslinger_Hegenberger WebICESLINGER

A deadly showdown on frozen Ganymede . . . an experiment in time travel that has unexpected results . . . the dead being brought back to life—to sell insurance . . . a legendary villain seeking to summon a strange visitor from another planet . . .

These are only some of the ventures into the fantastic and bizarre to be found in ICESLINGER, the latest collection from acclaimed author John Hegenberger. These classic tales of science fiction and fantasy are filled with action, big ideas, humor, and drama. Step into the many worlds of John Hegenberger and prepare to be entertained!