Other Publications

Short Stories

A Wisp of Memory, Tales From the Otherverse, 2015

Tamera’s Engagement, Perihelion, September 2015

The Necromancer, Ain’t Superstitious, September 2015

Unhappy Trails, Destination:Mystery, August 2015

Saving Time, Perihelion, June 2015

Last Contact, Galaxy Science Fiction Oct 1977

The Private Life of Boris Karloff, Filmfax #13 Dec 1988

The Boris Killoff, (ss) Tales of the Unanticipated #8 1991

Iceslinger, (nv) Life Among the Asteroids, Ace 1992

Cicetrix, (nv) Amazing Dec 1990

Idee Fixe (ss) Amazing Oct 1990


SUPERFALL, Black Opal Books, 2016

Bloody Wyoming, Rough Edges Press, 2016

Iceslinger, Rough Edges Press, 2016

Crossfire, Rough Edges Press, 2016

SPADEFALL, Rough Edges Press, 2016

STARFALL, Black Opal Books, 2016

SPYFALL, Black Opal Books, 2015

The Last Martian Chronicles, Rough Edges Press, 2015

Mutiny on Outstation Zori, Rough Edges Press, 2015

Cross Examinations, Amazon 2015

TRIPL3 CROSS, Rough Edges Press 2015

Collector’s Guide to Comic Books, Wallace-Homestead Dec 1990

Collector’s Guide to Treasures from the Silver Screen, Wallace-Homestead Aug 1991