Stan Wade



In December 1959, a hard-luck PI risks life and livelihood in search of a lost Hammett manuscript, where Sam Spade meets the Continental Op, and confronts a frustrated Hitchcock in Hollywood, a young Jack Ruby in Dallas, and a Neo-Nippon threat in America’s new 50th state.



In March 1959, the nation was introduced to the Mercury 7 astronauts while a hard-luck private eye working undercover for Walt Disney searches Hollywood and his soul to learn who killed the 8th candidate for America’s first man into space.


In June 1959, America’s TV superhero took a bullet to the head in an apparent suicide. But was it?  And is he really dead?  A Hollywood PI comes to grips with his ideals and a host of Mob and Soviet intrigue.


In September 1959, someone is out for revenge against a young L.A. PI who has to travel outside the country and his own comfort zone to discover the secret life of Ian Fleming and stop a nuclear threat to Europe that remained classified until 2012.

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In October 1959, a young, hard-luck PI is lost in America, determined to untangle a series of grisly murders spreading like a disease from the set of The Alamo.  Fighting for his life from a dry mirage in the Texan desert, to a thick fog in San Francisco, and to a snow-blinding mountain top outside Hollywood, Stan Wade gropes his way through drug-induced, false trails to outwit an aggressive, obsessed mass killer.


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  • Mark Luebker

    A few pages into Superfall I stumbled across mention of Stan’s old office–in the Farraday Building. Now why does that sound so familiar? A few more pages, and a birthday card from Tobias and Carmen Pevsner? Hmmm. When will Gunther show up? Or Mrs. Plaut?